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Winnipeg has produced more than its fair share of songwriters and artists that have gone on to national and international success.  It's our wish that some of the acts you will hear on this CD will one day repeat the process.  I hope you enjoy listening to this project as much as we did putting it together - Howard Kroeger

1.  You Lie (Kindred) 

2.  Your Heart Will Tell (Pauline Sibilleau) 

3.  Keepin It Real (Mr. Mustard) 

4.  Beautiful (Kindred) 

5.  Be One (Pauline Sibilleau) 

6.  Blue Bathroom (Mr. Mustard) 

7.  1+1 = Forever (Kindred) 

8.  The Mirror (Pauline Sibilleau) 

9.  That Girl (Mr. Mustard) 

10.  That Girl - Album Version (Mr. Mustard)