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Full Ephekt was formed January of 2000, the group consists of 9 energetic rappers and dancers ranging from ages 9 to 19 years old. We started Full Ephekt to promote the message of living a drug and alcohol free lifestyle for the new millennium. We believe that our performance gives a positive message to the young people who watch and it gives them an idea of how exciting life can be when you block out drugs and alcohol. Our goal is to pass the message to all aboriginal youth to live a drug and alcohol free life as well as to stay in school.
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01. From Pieces To A Puzzle
02. Take A Ride
03. Rough Lives
04. Native Land
05. Reality Check
06. Two Faced
07. Native Pride
08. Racism
09. Message To My Mom
10. Just Chillin
11. What Happened To The Pow Wow
12. Heaven’s Doors
13. What Can I Do