Party On The Rez - Various Artists

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People frequent parties throughout the universe.  Parties are basically social gatherings of people of all ages celebrating, rejoicing, frolicking and enjoying each others company.


Hence the “Party On The Rez” release was created.  Most communities are isolated and far away from major centers limiting the opportunity to attend major entertainment events but in saying all that, thousands of people still have many parties in there own community.  Parties occur especially on the weekends and in some cases special events during the week.


The “Party On The Rez” release offers you a full blown package of music that will enlighten every one of all ages both young and older.  From the “Red River Jig”, to “Comedy Songs”, from country rock to pure country selections such as “Folsom Prison Blues” will get everyone into a party mood.


Rejoice, let your hair down and party!  This CD is guaranteed to bring you many hours of enjoyment.

1    Dynamite Woman - Ernest Monias           

2    Indian Reservation - Eric Voice           

3    It’s Party Time - Harv Settee           

4    La Grange - Burnell Henry           

5    Red River Jig - Reg Bouvette           

6    Bright Blue Moon - Edward Gamblin       

7    Brown Eyed Girl - Charlie McIvor       

8    I Could Use Another You - Robbie Brass & Red Wine   

9    This Is My Last Cigarette - Lawrence Martin       

10    Treat Me Nice - Jared Sowan           

11    The Simple Truth - Rayne Delaronde       

12    Sun of a Indian Car - Keith Secola           

13    Coffee And Strawberry Wine - Don Constant          

14    Goosed By A Moose - Winston Wuttunee       

15    Caroline - Buddy Gouchie       

16    Folsom Prison Blues - Gerry McIvor           

17    The Bannock Song - Harry Davies           

18    Hold You A Little Bit Longer - Slowhand           

19    Fiddle Medley - Darren Lavallee       

20    Indian Girls - Jody T. Gaskin      

21    The Pukatwagan Song - Sidney Castel          

22    It’s Over Now - W.T. Goodspirit       

23    Intertribal - Burnt Project 1       

24    Getting Loaded - Da Skelpa Squad