Ojibway Songs From The Heart - Brown Eagle
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This is an award winning album! It brought home the Best Pow Wow Award at the APCMA's this year. 

The Brown Eagle Singers are pleased to announce the release of their latest CD entitled “In The spirit of brown eagle… Ojibway songs from the heart”. The Brown Eagle singers have been around the pow wow circuit for many years sharing their songs with friends, family & visitors. All songs have special meaning and are composed by talented song makers from the group Brown Eagle drum group strongly promotes their Ojibway Language through their songs and believe all songs have come from the spirit of brown eagle. Most important life here on mother earth & in the spirit world. Once you hear the whistle blow you know who’s listening. The parents of brown eagle, Ron and Sally McDonald have always supported the drum group and are very prod to have his name carry on though the songs. They wish to sincerely thank all the people that made this possible. Meegwetch ! 

CD Lineup 
1. Brown Eagle Singing for you 
2. Everybody is having a good time dancing here
3. Having fun dancing 
4. Come in dance hard
5. Looking good coming in the circle
6. Tierra (Blue Thunderbird Girl) 
7. Gathering around the drum telling stories and having a good time
8. Thinking of her
9. Two step shuffle from home
10. Anishinaabe 
11. Watch out! Duck & Dive
12. Butterfly Dance
13. Semaa & You