Metis Toe Tappers - Volume 1

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1. Reel of 4
2. Mertineau Reel
3. Duck Dance
4. Reel of 8
5. Whiskey Before Breakfast
6. Big John McNeil
7. Drops of Brandy
8. Butterfly Dance
9. Red River Jig
10. St. Anne’s Reel
11. Heel & Toe Polka
12. 7-Step
13. Orange Blossom Special
14. Hair Straight Back
15. Reel of 4
“The Métis Toe Tappers” is a recording developed by the “Edmonton Métis Cultural Dance Society” specifically for the dance group. “We needed recorded material to perform with that was the right Length, Rhythm and that had the correct timing for each dance”. The group commissioned two well-known Métis Fiddler: John Arcand and Gary Pruden to play the dance tunes with extended time so the dancers were able to do a whole dance without the music running out.
This recording has been well received by many groups that also needed the extended playtime, it has also become a favorite for people who just like the Old time Tunes.
“We hope you enjoy listening to these songs as mush as we have enjoyed dancing to them”!
Instumentation: John Arcand – Fiddle (Tracks 1 - 7 & 15), Gary Pruden – Fiddle (Tracks 8-14), Backup: Trent Bruner – Piano, Rory Collins – Acoustic Guitar, Derek Stremel – Bass & Acoustic Guitar, Bill Hobson – Spoons & Woodblock