METIS FIDDLIN' - Ryan Keplin
sscd 516

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1. V-Man’s Polka
2. John’s Two Step
3. Hey Jen
4. Dalli’s Breakdown
5. Keplin’s Memorial Waltz
6. Ryan’s Butterfly
7. St. Annes Reel
8. Sunshine Two Step
9. Nip & Nick
10. La Grue’s Waltz
11. Ryan’s Special
12. Sock’s Jig
Ryan Keplin probably has one of the finest and most unique fiddle styles that can be heard today. Not only is it exceptional to see a left handed fiddler, which by the way is how he got his stage name, “The Fiddlin Lefty” but it’s also seldom to see a fiddler play as many instruments as Ryan Keplin. Instruments such as: Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar and last but not least Drums. In this special recording you’ll have the opportunity to listen to this multi-talented musician.
Instrumentation: All Instruments Played by: Ryan Keplin