Maza Duta - Red Iron Singers
SSCD 4417

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Maza Duta was one of the last traditional Headmen of the Pheasant’s Rump Nakota Band of whom all the members of the group are descendents. It was with great honor and with all due respect that the Elders of Pheasant’s Rump permitted us to use this name.
Singers: Daniel, Ira, Matthew, Leslie, Patrick, Joel, Little Eagle & Crystal McArthur
Tracy Delorme, Stephen Eashappie, Terrence & Tina Brown & Marietta Akachuk
01. Calm Before The Storm
02. Blizzard Woman
03. Cool Air
04. Hunter
05. Johnny Cash
06. Indian Love
07. Long Road Home
08. Mustang Sally
09. Scuba Steve
10. Straight Arrow
11. Twitch
12. Warrior