Lookin Buck - Reg Bouvette
sscd 412

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Reg Bouvette a super-star among fiddlers has a commanding style, which is admired by thousands, yet his fame has only begun. This man and his music are loved and respected wherever he goes by fans and fellow musicians as well.

Wherever Reg Bouvette entertains, he moves the listener, whether it brings a smile, a tear or an irresistible impulse to get up and dance.
01. Reg Bouvette Breakdown
02. Smoky Island Breakdown
03. Trina Maria Waltz
04. Gateway Rag
05. Carol's Waltz
06. Ralph's Breakdown
07. Pretty Little Tabby
08. Little Rock Getaway
09. The Party Butterfly
10. Red Rose
11. Country Breakdown
12. Lookin-Buck
13. Maytwaysing Waltz