Lifegiver - Eric Voice
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Native American Rock Music

Eric chose rock music as the medium to express his artistic and cultural ideas. He sends Native ideas and concepts through mainstream adding a unique perspective and enriching Native culture. Eric Voice is the lead vocalist, bass player and songwriter. The band includes: Doug Smith, guitar and vocals; Kyle Pellegrini, drums; and Chris Westbury, guitar.

Eric has completed his music video “Find A Way”. The video has just been submitted to MUCHMUSIC and MUSICPLUS.

Eric was the featured musical finale of the First Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards that was held at the SkyDome in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on November 26, 2000.


Track Listing

  1. I Care For You
  2. Gail
  3. The Flame
  4. Live, Laugh, Love
  5. You’ll Always Be The One
  6. Hey Jude
  7. Bit By Love
  8. Sacred Fire
  9. Be Nice To Me
  10. Fly To The Sun
  11. I Caught You Looking At Me
  12. I Believe I Can Fly