Le MÈtis - Darren Lavallee

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1 Andrea's Polka
2 Wind That Turns The Mill
3 Black Velvet Waltz
4 Boil Em' Cabbage Down
5 Cat Scratches (chat graffinie)
6 Poor Girls Waltz 
7 Red River Jig
8 Old Man & Old Woman (le Bohomme est La Bon Femme) 
9 Seven Step 
10 Three Men On A White Horse 
11 Route 15
12 Heel & Toe 
13 Orange Blossom 
14 Constitution Breakdown

Winner Of Best Fiddle Album last year at the Canab's and The Apcma's, Darren Lavallee is back with his Newest Album, Le Métis. Featuring traditional tunes and arrangements, this album is a must for your collection ! The album features songs that are paced specifically for dancing!