Latin Dancing - Andy Dejarlis

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  1. Never on a Sunday
  2. When lilacs bloom again
  3. Magic is s the moonlight
  4. Isle of capri
  5. Ribbons and alce
  6. Green eyes
  7. Oh! Ma Cherie
  8. Harbor lights
  9. Economy swing
  10. Oslomin waltz
  11. Village carousel
  12. Banjo novelette
  13. Coul lass
  14. Valse blues

In 1961 I was fortunate to team up with Andy Dejarlis, the greatest fiddler to come out of the Red River valley. Andy was born in Woodridge, Manitoba. He started playing violin at the age of fifteen and won his first fiddling contest at the age of seventeen. He continued to win countless fiddling championships. In 1933 Andy moved to Winnipeg, where every fiddle player in Western Canada knew him through his radio and TV broadcasts and his personal appearances. His success in the red river valley has today left his eager fans waiting for more of his red river fiddling.

In 1961 I began my voyage with Andy, which lasted to his untimely death in 1975. Andy and I spent countless hours in recording studios, on radio and television; making endless personal appearances across Canada. Andy and I recorded thirty-five albums together with me playing harmony fiddle. I hope you enjoy this collection of Latin dancing tunes and other old time selections as much as I did when I recorded them with Andy…. ENJOY!