Lasting Memories - Cliff Maytwayashing

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Another recording Legend has departed us. We at Sunshine Records will miss the personal interaction that was enjoyed with Cliff. 

From the rollicking times we had in the recording studio, his friendly smile; the winks; and all the hilarious one-liners to the joyous personality that cliff had- yes we will miss all of that. 

One of the greatest highlights for Cliff was winning the C.A.M.A. for "Best Fiddle Album" in Toronto, Ontario. Words cannot express the joy and excitement Cliff felt that day. The feeling of recognition from his peers with this award was true acknowledgment of the mark he made in Fiddle music industry. And the expression on his face was much greater then a kid in a candy store. 

His memories, his music and the legacy he left behind will be with us forever. Cliff was a "Legendary Old Time Fiddler" and will go down in history as one of the "Ambassadors" of Old Time Fiddlers. 

The Memory of you will be "Eternal" 
Ness Michael's 
and all at Sunshine Records ltd. 

Recorded & Engineered By Shane Ward

CD Lineup

1.Johnson Rag

2.Growlin’ Old Man & Old Woman

3.Rubber Dolly

4.Frankie’s Old Time Waltz

5.Golden Slippers

6.Cliff’s Old Time 2 Step

7.Waltzing Thru The Leaves

8.Keepers Breakdown

9.Maytime Swing

10.Lake Manitoba Polka

11.Scan Waltz

12.Maytaywashing Swing

13.I’ll Be All Smiles Tonight – Tribute by Jimmy Flett