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1. Double Beat
2. Intertribal
3. Marvin Burnett Family Song
4. Contest song
5. Intertribal
6. Intertribal
7. Grand Entry
8. Sonny’s Song
9. Sidestep
10. Crowhop
Hailing from Robeson County, Kau-ta-noh, Jrs. Is the second generation of Northern singers from their area of North Carolina. They have been singing together for over 4 years.
Vocals: Lead Singer: John Oxendine II, Singers: Tere, Oniyas, Timothy & David Locklear, Brian Graham, John Chavis, Quinn Lowry, Mathew Chavis, Erin Freeman, Chris Ammons, Sam Pedro & Donovan Joe
Back-Up Vocals: Vanessa, Miranda & Tracy Locklear, Darice Sheppard, April Whittmore, Kay Oxendine, Bill Joe Brooks