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The “Jingle Dress Dance” is a dance of pride and dignity. It is a dance of the women and is said to have originated as a ceremonial dance of healing. The women dance with their backs straight and lift their legs high when dancing the jingle dress dance, they will also dance the side step. Movements are very stiff and rigid in this dance. A jingle dress dancer places one hand – in which she carries a purse beaded with woodland flowers and leaves – on her hip, and holds a white wing-feather in the other.
1. First Nations Women’s Jingle Dress
2. Whitefish Bay Jingle Dress
3. Hope Lake Old Style Jingle
4. White Eagle Jingle Dress
5. Pigeon Lake Straight Jingle Dress Song
6. Medicine Drum Jingle Dress
7. Dead Horse Creek Jingle Dress
8. Northern Wind Jingle Dress 
9. Eagle Claw Jingle Dress
10. Windy Rock Jingle Dress
11. Two Feather’s Jingle Dress
12. Chi-Geezis Jingle Side Step
13. Eagle Tail Women’s Jingle Dress
14. Thunder Mountain Jingle Dress
15. Black Lodge Jingle Dress
16. Grassy Narrows Jingle Dress
17. Red Songs Jingle Dress 
18. Hanisha Jingle Dress
19. Eastern Eagle Jingle Dress
20. Whitefish Bay Jr’s Jingle Dress