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1. Maple Sugar - Rubber Dolly
2. First Change
3. Whiskey Before Breakfast
4. Red River Jig - Big John McNeil
5. Marge Rooney Waltz
6. Jigfest/Disco Jig
7. Ambrose
8. Red River Jig
9. Reginald’s Waltz
10. St. Anne’s Reel
11. Ship To Shore – Solo
12. Orange Blossom Special
Traditional musical instruments of the Métis include fiddle, concertina, harmonica, hand drum, and mouth harp along with finger instruments such as bones or spoons. The main instruments is the fiddle and in the early days, fiddles were hard to obtain and usually expensive. The Métis would simply make their own from maple wood and birch bark. Unlike other forms of music, traditional Métis style fiddle music is not contained in a bar structure and this creates a bounce to the tune that is unique to North America and can still be heard across Northwestern Canada and the United States.
“Step Dancing” was introduced with the arrival of the Irish and Scottish people. The Métis learned to Jig the Scottish way, however, the Métis Jig is different. The uneven and irregular beats in traditional Métis fiddle music creates a bounce in jigging that is as unique as the fiddling itself. Extra beats are introduced making the Meets jig a rapid moving dance.
Instrumentation: Darren Lavalee – Fiddle, Lead Vocals, And Lead Guitar, Randy Hiebert – Guitars, Vocals, Writer, Arranger & Producer, Paul Kelly – Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals, Back-up Vocals, Eddie Birkett – Drummer, percussionist, Writer, Publisher