Hometown Ballads - Stew Clayton
SSCD 4045

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This is a re release of Stew Clayton's "Hometown Ballads" a classic Manitoba country album. This is the first release that I have recorded in Nashville. Eight songs were recorded there at Polyfox studio. The remainder of the album was recorded at Platinum Gold Studios in Winnipeg, MB. 

This album features Stew, Marge and Loriann Clayton. 

1. The world keeps going round
2. Come hear America sing
3. You never miss the water
4. tribute to Mary Robbins 
5. The answer to my dreams
6. While the band was playing 
7. Ballad of P.J. Droux
8. The nineteen year old 
9. Memories of his martin guitar 
10. I'll tell you just why 
11. Hockey hero
12. The nicest thing about hogs 
13. Summertime in southern Manitoba
14. Lullabye yodel song
15. Grandma redpath