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The Grass Dance is a very popular style of dance today. The name “Grass Dance” comes from the custom of some tribes wearing braided grass in their belts. Originally done as a warrior society dance, it has evolved over the years. It has further evolved into the most highly competitive form of Northern dancing to be found today.
1. Grassy Narrows
2. Wandering Sound
3. Whitefish Bay Jrs
4. Red Sons
5. North Buffalo Cree Jrs
6. Northern Wind
7. Sinte Ska
8. Red Hawk
9. Little Island Cree
10. Spirit Mountain 
11. Circle Strong
12. White Eagle
13. Grey Buffalo
14. Whitefish Bay
15. Spirit Wind
16. Medicine Drum
17. Hanisha
18. Ya-iyo-waza
19. Nakoda Lodge
20. Blacklodge