Fiddlin Around Ryan Keplin

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Hi Here are a few original and traditional fiddle tunes.  I've also included three songs that I hope you enjoy as well. If you've seen any of my shows, you would hear a mixture of fiddle and singing.  I would like to thank all of the dedicated fans who support me as an entertainer and I hope to see you all soon at a future festival. 

CD Lineup 

1.  Ryan Keplin Fiddle Medley 
2.  Joel Lebla 
3.  Big City 
4.  Sonnie K Two Step 
5.  Maytwayashing Waltz
6.  Keplin Fest Reel 
7.  Big Mamoe 
8.  The Sunny Side Of The Mountain 
9.  Whiskey Before Breakfast 
10.  City Lights
11.  Carol County Blues 
12.  Sunny Side Trails 
13.  Streets Of Bakersfield 
14.  Rubber Dolly