Dakota - The Red Iron Singers

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The Red Iron Singers hail from the Pheasant Rump Nakota Nation. They have traveled extensively throughout Indian Country in the past few years sharing the spirit of the Drum and the Songs at Pow Wow’s.
1. Men’s Traditional
2. Intertribal
3. Woman’s Fancy
4. Intertribal
5. Men’s Fancy
6. Intertribal
7. Intertribal
8. Woman’s Jingle 
9. Intertribal
10. Women’s Traditional
11. Intertribal
Instrumentation: Singers: Daniel, Patrick, Ira, Matt & Joel McArthur, Trey Delorme, Jackson Littlechief, Terrence Brown, Stephen Eashappie, Francher Kennedy, Charlie Big Eagle Back-Up: Crystal McArthur, MIA: Les McArhturCover Concept: Donovan Standingready Artist: Mike Landrie & Gayleane McArthur