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Sunshine Records is proud to present to you a collections of Cree Children Songs. Two Ladies Ruby Beardy and Victoria McCleod have chosen eighteen of the most laved children’s songs. Children love to sing, what better way is there of introducing and teaching the Cree and English language to children but through song. The songs in this recording create a great way for children and adults to join in and sing-along. Enjoy!
1. Bobby Shaftoe - Nicimos
2. Where, O Where – Tantay, Tantay
3. Six Little Ducks – Nikotosik sisipisak
4. Jesus loved The little Children – Jesus Sakiyew Awasisa
5. Loopy Lou – Omisi N’totenan
6. Old McDonald – Owanikew
7. Be Careful Little Hands – Payatak
8. Skip To My Lou – Kwaskwepaniho Nicewakean
9. Rain, Rain Go Away – Kimowan Sipwete
10. Ring Around The Room – Kini Koni Patatan
11. Did You Ever See A Lassie - Ki Ki Wapanaw na Iskwesis
12. BINGO – Kistikewiniw ki Otemiw
13. If You Love Me – Kispin Kisakihin
14. This Old Man – Awakiseniw
15. Wheels on the Bus – Wotapanask
16. Grandpa, Grandma – Nimosom, Nokom
17. Elijah of the Ravens – Kakakiwak akwa Elijah
18. How Much is that Doggy in the Window – Tansi Etakisot Anna Acimosis