CREE HYMNS VOL.1 - Hubert Thomas
CRCD 6038

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Tansi Nitotemak, my name is Hubert Thomas from Chinawawin Cree Nation. I started playing guitar when I was 14 years old and have been singing Cree Hymns since 1988. I would like to dedicate these songs to my late brother Gerald, my stepbrother Conrad, and my mentor, the late Philip M. Sinclair who also sang Cree Hymns.


01. Awake my Soul
02. My Father for Another
03. Glory to Thee
04. Son of My Soul
05. Through The Day
06. Abide With Me
07. Saviour Again Thy Dear
08. On Jordan’s Bank
09. Lo He Comes
10. Approach my Soul
11. When I Survey
12. Alas and Did My Saviour
13. Jesus Christ is Risen
14. By cool siloams’s
15. O Christ Thou Hast
16. According Thy Word
17. In Token That Thou
18. Jesus Son of Blessed Marry
19. Let Me Be With Thee
20. Now That We All
21. Hymns 28 & 29