Chicos' Trial - The Nakoda Lodge Singers

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The Nakoda Lodge Singers are a youth traditional drum group from Norley, Alberta, Canada. They started as a bunch of 9-12 year olds singing at the 1994 Calgary Stampede. The young boys grew older and are not 14-24 years of age.
1. Chicos’ Trail
2. Brave Yethka
3. Eagles Dance
4. Spice Girl
5. Three Sisters
6. rass Dancer
7. Schmitzun
8. Lemon
9. Warrier One
10. Wachi Bo
11. Formula One
12. Dragster
Instrumentation: Everett Hunter – Lead Singer, 4th Lead Drummer, Cory Smith – Lead Drummer, 2nd Lead Pick-Up Vocals, Benji unter – Pick-Up Vocals, Lynden Hunter – 2nd Lead, 2nd Lead Drummer, Pick-Up Vocals, Randy Hunter – 3rd Lead Drummer, Pick-Up Vocals, Reuben Fiddler – Pick-Up Vocals