Brown Eagle Feel Our Drum Beat

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"We the brown eagle drum group are once again releasing our latest CD for your listening pleasure.  We want to thank our friendly and family for  your support.  A big thank you goes out to the song makers for providing the beautiful songs fro the drum, also thank you to the wise ones that dream of these songs and interpret them into songs for the drum.  Without you these songs would not be heard." Meegewtch
CD Lineup 
1.  Mizha-Kii-aa-nii-gook (Celine's Song) 
2.  The Spirit Within 
3.  Journey From Afar 
4.  Hunter Boy 
5.  Beautiful Day Of Dancing 
6.  Warriors 
7.  Plains Ojibway 
8.  Kiisweyaah Inini 
9.  Come Out And Dance, Creator Loves It 
10.  A Place Of Gathering 
11.  Butterfly Dancer 
12.  Showdown 
13.  Singing With Pride & Joy 
14.  Kookums Song