BRIGHT BLUE MOON - Edward Gamblin

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For over 35 years Edward Gamblin has been entertaining people with his musical talents. He has written and recorded over sixty original songs on numerous albums and has performed in many venues throughout Turtle Island. As one of the original native recording and performing artists to pave the way for countless others, you will still hear Edward’s songs on radio stations throughout Indian Country.
Blessed with an endless array of song-writing capabilities and the knowledge and experience of hundreds of live performances, Edward has clearly established himself as an exceptional song-writer and an engaging performer.
1. Bright Blue Moon – 3:55
2. Can’t Keep Running Away – 2:46
3. Is There A Chance – 3:51
4. Heart Made of Stone – 3:14
5. Something That I Have Done – 4:07
6. Lovely In White – 4:13
7. Evil Hearted Woman – 3:43
8. Seen It Slowly Fade Away – 3:12
9. You Don’t Wanna Know – 3:24
10. Shelter From The Storm – 3:49
Instrumentation: Edward Gamblin – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar and Harmonies, Randy Heibert – Lead/Slide Guitar, Dave (KC) Kramer Harmonica