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Whitefish Bay Singers, hailing from Whitefish Bay, Ontrio, Canada, have been sweeping the pow wow country with their original Northern Style and their unique voices. Their Songs have earned them many championships and dedicated fans. “Whitefish Bay Singers” are one of the most dynamic drum groups on the Pow Wow circuit today.
This Volume 10 recording will once again prove that “Whitefish Bay Singers” are true leaders in preserving traditional. They once again captivate the audience by presenting this exciting collection!
“Anishinaabe Meenigoziwin” is a representation, a peek into the culture, traditions, world and life views of the Anishinaabe, specifically of the community of Naotkamegwaaning (Whitefish Bay). On this compilation you will hear new pow wow songs from the Whitefish Bay Singers, as well, you will hear the songs of the late Frank White (Peedabinayshkung) considered by many as a teacher of the old style of singing. THE late Maggie White (Mizhiikaytamook) considered by many to be the first lady of the Jingle dress relates her story of the Jingle dress, with translation done by her sont Tony (Maminwaa’ta’gabo).
It is with sincere hope that the recording will give the listener an appreciation of the music, culture and traditions of the Anishinaabe of Naotkamegwanning and a better insight into “Anishinaabe Meenigoziwin”.
1. Early recording of Late elder Frank White
Singing has been a major part of the culture of the people of Naotkemegwanning. Although there are other types of singing that is practiced by the Anishinaabe, we felt that this particular type of song would provide the listener a glimpse of our traditional roots in singing.
2. Excerpt – With Maggie White
3. Anishinaabe Round dance
Song passed on from Maggie’s Grandfather “Pinasse”
4. Excerpt 
5. Maoomaa’ash’magwash’kootatee’at
6. Excerpt 
7. Ogitchi’daa qway Jingle dress
8. Kataga’ba nikumota oma
9. Excerpt 
10. Waweesook’a’wato’nik
1. Excerpt 
2. Straight Song
3. Excerpt
4. Nee’owaab’maa
5. Excerpt
6. Kaate’shaashaa’wen’dow’bii’waat kinewuk
A song composed by Grand Uncle Pete Seymour (Mukwa). In his relating of this song Pete spoke of a lake in the Lake of the Woods, which was initially called Dogpaw Lake but according to his Father the name of the lake originally made reference to an action that an eagle would make when preparing to do battle.
7. Straight Song
8. Excerpt 
9. E’tah nikaam’ow’wa’tah omaa nimiitikumig’oong
10. Early recording of Late elder Frank White