Aboriginal Showcase - Various Artists
SSCD 4398

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Sunshine Records is proud to present to you an “aboriginal Showcase” a recording of various artists from Manitoba. This recording gives you a sample of the many talented artists we have in our aboriginal community. This jam session was organized by Gerry McIvor along with friends and was recorded “live” off the studio floor. Sit back and listen to the aboriginal showcase of Manitoba’s best.
CD lineup
1. Lonestar beer
2. Comfortably numb
3. Help 
4. Matchbox
5. Way faring stranger
6. Guitar boogie
7. La garange
8. Folsom prison blues 
9. No place to go 
10. Sharp dressed man
11. Silver threads & golden needles
12. Squeeze box
13. Turn the page
14. Old Joe Clark 
15. I’ll cry instead
16. Brown eyed girl
17. Circle be unbroken