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There has been many great recordings done in the last several years and each recording artists has their top recording available on their own personal CD’s. It is seldom that you would find a collection of your favorite songs and favorite artists in one music package.
“20 Aboriginal Hits” is just that type of a package. 20 all time great recordings from the top Aboriginal Artists from across North America. You will hear every music style; country; alternative; country rock; blues; contemporary and traditional music. The twenty songs in this package truly reflect the mix of influences each of the artists has brought to this project. Each artist is proud of their accomplishments and is honored to share their music with you in this dynamic release.

Includes 20 Songs by 20 Artists

1. Ne'Ya - Mishi Donovan
2. Lenape Honoring Song - Jim Beer
3. Colorblind - Melanie Chartrand
4. Beshigoozhi - Raindance
5. Sing - TKO
6. Pow Wow Blues - Jody T. Gaskin
7. Keep the circle strong - Billy Joe Green
8. Standing By The River - Bearpaws
9. Buckshaw Jig - Winston Wuttunee
10. Driving On - Billy Simard
11. Honoring Song - Eagle Feather
12. Gypsy Road - Edward Gamblin
13. If I Wanted You Girl - Ernest Monias
14. Ten Guitars - Harry Davies
15. Pow Wow Singers - Maurice McArthur
16. Don't mess With My Tutu - Ray Fox
17. Mama's Waiting - Robbie Brass
18. Waltzing In The Wind - Trapline
19. Way Yoh ! - Wigwam
20. The Dancer - Moody X Two