24 Greatest Hits - Reg Bouvette

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It is significant to me that in our society of ever changing tastes, style and fads certain areas of life remain constant throughout the years. Old Time Fiddle Music has never changed, yet it has never lost its broad appeal. Reg Bouvette once super-star among fiddlers had a commanding style, which was and still is admired by thousands throughout North America.
Whenever Reg entertained he moved the listeners, whether it brought a smile, a tear or an irresistible impulse to get up and dance. There was hardly an Old Time Fiddle tune that Reg wasn’t familiar with. Reg not only won countless fiddle contests both in Canada and the United States but also was the undisputed Fiddle Champion for years on end.
Vocalist: Reg Bouvette

1. St. Laurent Breakdown
2. The Blue Fiddle
3. Red River Waltz
4. Liberty Two Step
5. Whisky Before Breakfast
6. Morie’s Waltz
7. Red River Jig
8. Heel N/ Toe Polka
9. Lone Star Rag
10. Beverly’s Waltz
11. Ethnic Polka
12. Orange Blossom Special
13. Reg Bouvette Breakdown
14. Seven Stop
15. Polar Bear Jig
16. Drops of Brandy
17. Sheila’s Waltz
18. Foxy Donna Foxtrot
19. Big John McNeil
20. Waltz Quadrille
21. Fiddling Fiddles
22. Maytwayasing Waltz
23. The Party Butterfly
24. Faded Love / Maiden’s Prayer