24 Aboriginal Hits Volume 6 - Various Artists
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Congratulations in purchasing one of the finest compilations packages on the market today.  This CD package will offer you the finest recording from the top Aboriginal Artists in today’s market.

Various Artists and various Genres of music makes this collection so special, it will give you countless hours of entertainment pleasure.  The twenty four songs in this release truly reflect the diverse influences each of the artists have brought to this project.  

A hearty thank you goes out to all the artists that participated in this project. 

This is my last cigarette                            
Lawrence Martin       
Who’ll Stop The Rain                               
Ernest Monias      
Till The Leaves No Longer Fall                
Billy Simard     
Britney’s song                                           
Buddy Gouchie        
NCI Song                                                  
Walking Wolf           

Cat Scratches (Chat Graffinie)                  
Darren Lavallee            

Big Sister                                                   
Dawn Marquis

Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain                   
Don Constant           

Can’t Keep Running Away                       
Edward Gamblin         

Angel Eyes                                                
Rob Bear

Wine Me Up                                              
Robbie Brass   
Children of the Rainbow/Red River Jig    
Andrea Menard    
W.T. Goodspirit 
Life Gets Better                                         
Don Amero

Hold You A little Bit Longer                     
Hey Good Lookin (Esnaa Kinaajiw)         
Diiva Miinwaa Davis    
Kissing You                                               
Jared Sowan         
Metis Shuffle                                             
Brian Sklar

The Old Fashioned Meeting                     
Ed Prince            

She Winks at Me (Round Dance)             
Sakoieta Widrick  
Big Bear                                                    
Jason Lapine          

Nemenna Dan                                           
Nick Day          

Thompson Song                                        
Sidney Castel      
Burnt Project 1