2000: Pukatawagan Talent Contest
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Pukatawagan is a small Northern community in Manitoba that has taken the initiative to host an annual talent contest. Because their first year had an overwhelming response it will now be an annual event. Gordon Caribou and his associates have organized a spectacular venue where 1st Nation Artists can make their initial introduction into the music industry.
The response from the winners have been most gratifying since they had a chance to travel into Winnipeg and record their songs at a state of the art recording studio.

Sidney Castel - Vocal: The Ballad of Pukatawagon

The community where I was born and raised the little bit of history of Pukatawagon the lifestyle and events that take place in a Northern Community. I thought they could use this song to play on the community radio program. To also use the song as a theme in some events and hear the history of Pukatawagon.

Lorna Chadney - Vocal: Alone

I really enjoyed singing with the band, the setup was nice and my stay here in Winnipeg was awesome. I hope the next contest will be just as much fun as the first.

Barbara A. Dumas/Marlene Dumas Vocal: Beautiful Rose

Dedicated to my sister Rose, who passed away years ago from breast cancer. My main interest is to sing gospel music. My parents both sang for the church and other church functions. The encouragement to sing comes from them.

Alfred Bear Shona Bear: Indian Song
Vocals By: Demoley Nateweyes

The song features the life of an Indian. The song explains the connection of the circle of life. Mother earth and nature provides us with what we need to live, we are guided by grandfathers. This will always be passed down to our children. The song was written and inspired by a husband and wife, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Bear (Shona). They have 8 children.

Arnold Henderson/Sheila Henderson - Vocal: I Miss You My Old Friend

Through the loss of a good dear friend, Ed, without cause or reason, still he will be sadly missed.

Arnold Henderson - Vocal: Dream Come True

Being on stage, performing and entertaining a crowd. Never been so welcomed, treated with what we as entertainers would like to be treated. I welcome other singers and encourage them to participate in the upcoming talent search.

Michael Wiehe - Vocal: True Friend

Inspired by my girlfriend, true forever for the guidance of life.

Michael Wiehe - Vocal: Whirlpool

A political song of how the world is run. I found that this was a great opportunity for the talent that is out there.

Charlie Beardy - Vocal: I Can't Help It

Tansi, my name is Charlie Beardy I am from Split Lake, MB. I love playing music and writing songs. As for my original song, it was just a party song. I never thought I'd get the chance to record it, so thanks to M.R.N.C.I. for setting up the recording.
01. I Miss You My Old Friend
02. Indian Song
03. Beautiful Rose
04. Whirlpool
05. I Can't Help It
06. True Friend
07. Pukatawagon Song
08. Dreams Come True
09. Alone