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There has been many great recordings done in the last several years and each recording artists has their top recording available on their own personal CD’s. It is seldom that you would find a collection of your favorite songs and favorite artists in one music package.
“20 Aboriginal Hits” is just that type of a package. 20 all time great recordings from the top Aboriginal Artists from across North America. You will hear every music style; country; alternative; country rock; blues; contemporary and traditional music. The twenty songs in this package truly reflect the mix of influences each of the artists has brought to this project. Each artist is proud of their accomplishments and is honored to share their music with you in this dynamic release.
“20 Aboriginal Hits” Volume 5 from Sunshine Records is only the latest entry in our popular Aboriginal Hits series.
Track Listing:
1. Go Rest High - Buddy Gouchie
2. Midnight Special - Ernest Monias
3. Djonetch - WABANAG
4. Bingo Song - Lawrence Martin
5. Lucy - Slowhand
6. The Way - Jared Sowan
7. Blue as My Blue Jeans - Don Constant
8. Season of The Wind - Bear Paws
9. Trying To Be Tough - Laura Vinson
10. Why Did I Have To Cry? - W.T. Goodspirit
11. Bright Blue Moon - Edward Gamblin
12. Voices in the Wind - Spirit of the Nations
13. Stayed Away Too Long - Jack Olson
14. Seven Spanish Angels - Robbie Brass
16. Along the Red Road - Cherokee Rose & Silena
17. Mic Mac Marge - Victor Jean Dupuis
18. Yokohama Mama - Billy Joe Green
19. Pow Wow Girl - Trevor Greyeyes
20. Whiskey Before Breakfast - Clint Dutiaume