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This is a great collection of Women’s Traditional Songs sung by some of the “World’s Best” renowned Drum Groups. The Women’s Traditional style of regalia varies from one region and nation to another. Each Indian nation will vary in design colour and material. As trends and influences of champions change, dancers will adapt their own interpretation. Pride is demonstrated through elaborate and colourful regalia.
The dress will vary in material, from cloth to buckskin style with beadwork. Most women’s traditional dresses have complete cape beaded with long buckskin fringe. A women’s breastplate extends from shoulder level to about 6 – 8 inches off the floor.
1. Red Bull
2. Eagle Tail
3. Red Iron
4. Seekaskootch
5. Silver Cloud
6. Grassy Narrows
7. Northern Wind
8. Eyabay
9. Wandering Sound
10. Eastern eagle
11. Lone Creek
12. Red Sons
13. Young Blood
14. Walking Wolf