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This compilation package offers you some of the “World’s Best Veteran Songs” performed by some of the best Pow Wow Groups in North America. It has been customary for the Veterans to participate in every Grand Entry. Our Veteran representatives are those who served our country in battles around the World. Native Veterans of the World Wars; The Korean War’ the Vietnam War and NATO Peace Keeping events are leading another battle for equality. To All Veterans – We Salute You!
1. Veteran Song - Whitefish Bay Singers
2. Veteran Song - Black Lodge Singers
3. Korean War Veteran Song - Eagle Tail Singers
4. Veteran Song - Grassy Narrows Singers
5. Veteran Song World War I- Red Scaffold
6. Veteran Song - Stoney Eagle
7. Veteran Song - Chi-Geezis Singers
8. Veteran Song - Thunder Mountain Singers
9. War Mother’s Sing White - Eagle Singers
10. Veteran Song - Pigeon Lake Singers
11. Veteran Song World War II - Willow Creek Singers
12. Veteran Song - Northern Wind Singers
Drum Groups: Whitefish Bay Singers, Black Lodge Singers, Eagle Tail Singers, Grassy Narrows Singers, Red Scaffold, Stoney Eagle, Chi-Geezis Singers, Thunder Mountain Singers, Eagle Singers, Pigeon Lake Singers, Willow Creek Singers & Northern Wind Singers