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Pow Wow’s mean different things to different people, for some it is time for celebration of the Aboriginal Culture and for others it is time for healing. For many others it is also a time for spiritual growth

1. Veteran Song (Northern Wind)
2. War Mother Song (White Eagle)
3. Flag/Veteran Song (Two Feathers)
4. Honour Song (Smokey Valley)
5. Veteran Song (Grassy Narrows)
6. Korean War Veteran's Song (Eagle Tail)
7. Remembrance Day Song (Red Bull)
8. James Klein Memorial (Whitefish Bay)
9. Veteran Song (Hanisha Singers)
10. Chiefs Honor Song (Red Hawk)
11. Veteran Song (Whirlwind singers)
12. Veteran song (youngblood)
13. HOnour song (walking wolf)
14. Veteran's song (blacklodge singers)