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The Contemporary Intertribal Pow Wow is a gathering of many tribes, coming together to sing, dance, visit, feast and honor our elders. Intertribal Pow Wow’s inspire cultural and personal pride in American Indians and revitalize their spirits.
Intertribal songs are enjoyed by everyone and are perhaps one of the many songs that most people are familiar with. This compilations which features the “World’s Best Intertribal Songs”, are sung by the finest renowned Drum Groups.
01. Intertribal - Eyabay
02. Take Your Breath Away - Chi-Geezis
03. Intertribal - Wandering Sound Singers
04. Intertribal - Sioux Assiniboine
05. Intertribal - Whitefish Bay Singers
06. Intertribal - Little Otter
07. Intertribal - Northern Wind
08. Intertribal - Red Hawk Singers
09. Intertribal - Smokey Town Singers
10. Intertribal - Red Wind
11. Intertribal - Smokey Valley Singes
12. Intertribal - Dead Horse Creek
13. Intertribal - Chiniki Lake Singers
14. Intertribal - Blacklodge Singers
Drum Groups: Eyabay, Chi-Geezis, Wandering Sound Singers, Sioux Assiniboine, Whitefish Bay Singers, Little Otter, Northern Wind, Red Hawk Singers, Smokey Town Singers, Red Wind, Smokey Valley Singes, Dead Horse Creek, Chiniki Lake Singers & Blacklodge Singers