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A Round Dance, or Social Dance, is a dance of friendship. Everyone joins the circle, which signifies the circle of life that has no beginning and no end. If asked you must join in – it would be rude to refuse. Everyone holds hands, A song is sung with a heavy 1-2 pattern and the dancers move laterally around the arena. They are a lot of fun and usually Round Dances are sung in sets of three or four songs.
1. Eyabay Bump N’ Grind
2. Stoney Eagle - I Left Her Home
3. Red Bull - She's My Cousin But I Still Love Her
4. Gerald Waterhen - I'm One Hell of a Guy
5. Ray & Rhonda - Just Because I Left You
6. Moose Mountain - Oh No, You're Already Taken
7. Oibway Traveller’s - Indian Pepsi Song
8. Eugene Cardinal - Mr. Bean
9. Ray & Rhonda - Co-Co's Cola
10. Red Bull - I'd Go Home With You But I’m Afraid
11. Clayton Chief - I'm Going To Get You Anyhow I Can
12. Stoney Eagle - Ninja Turtles
13. Edward Gamblin - Runaround Just Like A Monkey (Banana Dance)
14. Eyabay - Birthday Song