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Throughout the Pow Wow Circuits there is always a beautiful array of colourful dancers that are admired by thousands upon thousands of people. In North America we have the Fancy Dancers, Jingle Dress Dancers, Men’s and Ladies Traditional Dancers.
Often at the head of the procession is a honoured individual who carries the staff that represents all the Aboriginal Nations. Streamers of colourful ribbons covered with otter pelts and eagle feathers make the flag that is honoured above all others. Behind the staff are the Veterans of past wars and current conflicts caring the American Flag Pow-MIA flags, VFW post flags and state flags.
1. Blacklodge Singers Flag Song
2. Willow Creek Singers Victory Song
3. Youngblood Singers Flag Song
4. North Buffalo Cree Jrs. Victory Song
5. Eagle Hill Flag Song
6. Whitefish Bay Flag Song
7. Pigeon Lake Flag/Victory Song
8. Eagle Tail Flag Song
9. Red Scaffold Victory Song
10. Grey Buffalo Flag Song
11. Chiniki Lake Singers Victory Song
12. Whirlwind Singers Flag Song
13. Red Sons Victory Song 
14. Silvercloud Singers Flag Song