World's Best Fancy Dance Vol. 2
SSCD 4415

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The contemporary Pow Wow is a link to the past that helps maintain Native Heritage. Seen by oursiders as entertainment due to the singing, dancing and colorful regalia, the Pow Wow is a spiritual legacy, which should be treated with respect and honour.
1. Blacklodge Singers
2. Little Island Cree Singers
3. Grey Buffalo singers
4. Ya-iyo-waza Singers
5. Smokey Valley Singers
6. Echo Sky Singers
7. Circle Strong Singers
8. Northern Wind Singers
9. Red Scaffold Singers
10. Four Little Feather Singers
11. Northern Wind Singers
12. Red Hawk Singers
13. Brown Eagle Singers
14. Eagle Claw Singers
15. Whitefish Bay Singers
16. Seekaskootch Singers