World’s Best Fancy Dance Songs
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The fancy dance is perhaps one of the most popular dances you will witness at a Traditional Powwow. The colorful regalia of both male and female costume are a remarkable sight, which can only be appreciated at a live performance.
The Oklahoma feather Dancer or “Fancy Dance” is the most popular style of dance and outfit seen at modern powwows throughout the Plains. The Fancy Dance outfit, as such, has no tribal identity and thus is often called a “Pan Indian” outfit. The “Fancy Dance” originated as Fancy War Dance by the Hethuska society in Oklahoma.
01. Eyabay
02. Chi-Geezis
03. Northen Wind
04. Lone Creek
05. Circle Strong Singers
06. Black Lodge Singers
07. Red Sons Singers
08. Smokey Valley Singers
09. Drum Circle Singers
10. Two Feathers Singers
11. Sioux Assiniboine
12. Dead Horse Creek
13. Little Island Cree
14. Red Scaffold