DRUM BEATS - Various Artists
SSCD 4438

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People use different drums for various occasions. The Pow Wow Drum is a large drum, approximately one metre in diameter. It is the center of the Pow Wow celebration that can be used to heal and unify all people, the drum represents the circle of life.

A drum is made of wood and hide, both natural materials. These represent honesty and sharing, the wood is also telling us where life comes from. Without the sun and the earth there would be no trees, no life. The Anishinabe, the people were lowered to the earth by the hand of the creator. The tree grows towards the creator the source of its life on this earth. The hide from an animal, which gives its life for the drum represents the gift of sharing.
1. Shagnappi
2. Are You Married
3. Chubby Chicken
4. Crow Hop
5. Drum Song
6. Go Ahead and Dance
7. Honour Song
8. Indian Pepsi song
9. Jingle Dress
10. Pipe Song
11. Pocahontas
12. The Rump Shaker
13. Traditional Bear Clan
14. Travel/Chant
15. Warrior
16. Whistle Song
17. Woman Is Fancy
18. Intertribal