The World’s Best Tiny Tot Songs
SSCD 4392

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Throughout the pow wow circuit there is always a beautiful array of colorful dancers that are admired by thousands upon thousands of people. In North America we have the Fancy Dancers, Jingle Dress Dancers, Men’s and Ladies Traditional Dancers but it seems that the Tiny Tots steal the show. With their beautiful regalia and their innocent smiles, these boys and girls are the next generation of the super dancers you will see at future competitions.
Raging in early age of four years to twelve years old these Tiny Tots touch the hearts of all who attend the Pow Wow.
Song Listing:
01. Tiny Tot Song
02. Birthday Song
03. Pop Corn Song
04. Children’s Song
05. Boy’s Ruffle
06. Beautiful Butterfly
07. Ninja Turtles
08. Kid’s Song
09. Happy Birthday To You
10. Rollercoaster Song
11. Feather And Bells
12. Mickey & Minnie Mouse
13. Children’s Song
14. Apple Dance Songs