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1. Traditional
2. Traditional
3. Come and Have Fun Dancing
4. Traditional
5. Traditional
6. Happy Birthday
7. Traditional
8. Traditional
9. Traditional
10. Crow Hop
11. Get Up and Dance
To keep up with their audience’s demands of more, Red Bull has 
once again elevated traditional drum music to new heights of excellence with their latest recording.  Setting theses new high standards is nothing new for Edmund Bull and the Red Bull singers.  Formed in 1987, Red Bull is a geographically diverse, grassroots mix of 10 singers from Little Pine, Onion Lake, Red Pheasant and Poundmaker First Nations.
Edmund Bull, composer, lead singer, drum keeper and manager can be proud of the standards he has set with Red Bull.  A standard for all else to look up to, a standard that will surely satisfy their audience’s demand of more…for now.
Instrumentation:   Singers: Edmund Bull, Quinton “Buck” & Terry “Chopper” 
Checkosis, Brian Waskewitch, Troy “Moosuk” Tootoosis, Melvin Eyahpase, Wesley & Randy Strongarm