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Elders say that the Northern Lights we see floating I the night skies are our relatives who have been called to the creator dancing for us. When we blow into the skies with our lips, the Northern Lights will begin to move vigorously as if to dance faster. But the Elders warn us that the Northern Lights are no to be whistled at. Should we fail to heed this warning, the Northern Lights, which are the spirits, will come down to get us. We must never forget our heritage and our relatives. The Northern Wind singers dedicate these songs to our relatives who have passed on to the Great Spirit World.
01. Intertribal
02. Crow Hop
03. Jingle Dress
04. Contenst
05. Woman's Traditional
06. Round Dance
07. Straight
08. Jingle Side Step
09. Intertribal
10. Trick song
11. Woman's Fancy
12. Intertribal
13. Veteran Song