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The Jingle Dance comes form the Ojibwa Nation. It was popular from 1920 to 1950 and is currently experiencing a strong revival across the nation. The Jingle Dress is made from a fabric such as cotton or taffeta and has numerous “Jingles” attached to it. These jingles are made from snuff can lids. The distinctive sound they make represents waves of water or thunder and is good luck because it scares away the evil spirits. Moccasins, or wing fan completes the regalia. Jingle Dress dancers are judged on their grace and traditional footwork.
01. Introduction
02. Kwe ah’wok (Straight)
03. Shant (Sidestep)
04. Behzhin dadghegenh (Straight)
05. Travels/Chant (Sidestep)
06. Zhiibaahaasing (Straight)
07. Eno’whe (Sidestep)
08. Jigodenh (Straight)
09. Opijaygwah (Sidestep)
10. Chant (Straight)
11. Jimenjun (Sidestep)
12. Closing Remarks
Singers: Bill & Carmen Antoine, Dean Roy, Chris Endanawas & Greg Dayfox