Red River Jig - Reg Bouvette
sscd 402

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Reg Bouvette, a one-time fiddler, who just fiddled for the fun of it, is becoming a household name across North America. Just like mother's home made apple-pie, Reg's old time music appeals to both young and old. Reg Bouvette presents you with his second successful album. For listening or dancing we offer you the best, from the best.
01. Red River Jig
02. Tear Drop Waltz
03. Countes of Dufferin
04. Petuis Breakdown
05. Morning Glory Waltz
06. Wild Bill Reel
07. Burning Diesel
08. St. Laurent Breakdown
09. Red River Waltz
10. Ross Cook Reel
11. Beverely's Waltz
12. Road-House Ramble