Back Again - Andy Dejarlis
sscd 434

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Andy Dejarlis was a master when it came to the fiddle style of the Red River Settlement. His good friend, the late Don Messer, aptly described Andy as being one of the most outstanding exponents of Old-Tyme music in all of Canada.
1. Manitoba Special (Reel)
2. Snow Shoe Reel
3. Fort Ellice Waltz
4. Duck Dance
5. Old Red Barn (Jig)
6. Grandma's Chickens (Reel)
7. Over the Waves (Waltz)
8. Old Qubec Reel
9. Sunshine and Flowers (Foxtrot)
10. Horse Drawn Trolley (Polka)
11. French Two Step
12. Anne Harriet
13. Crooked Stove Pipe
14. Bingo Jack (Polka)