14 Favorite Fiddle Tunes - Mel Bedard
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Metis Fiddlers have always been known for their pride and their independence, it's seldom that you will see tow playing together. Mel Bedard is one of those legendary fiddlers that was often seen on stage as these fiddlers.

Mel Bedard has been playing the fiddle for more than 50 years. He is a widely acknowledged master of the Red River Jig Style. from jigs to reels, waltzes to polka's, reels to breakdowns, 2 steps to hoedowns- Mel Bedard knows them all!

A good fiddle tune can arouse the emotions like nothing else. One glance at the choice of selections included in this fiddle highlighted gold mine of tunes take us back to the roots of Canadian metis Music at its very best. Enjoy!

CD Lineup

1. Toniata Waltz
2. Coureur De Bois
3. Doll's First Change
4. The Lost Child
5. Raffled Wagon
6. Andy And Mel's Special
7. Ranger's Waltz
8. Lower Fort Garry Jig
9. Walker Street Reel
10. Louis Riel
11. Manitoba Waltz
12. Grandma's Chickens
13. Golden Days
14. Woodridge Breakdown