Speak To The Sky - Garry W. Settee
crcd 6062

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Garry W. Settee is from Cross Lake, MB (Pimicikamik Cree Nation).  Garry has been involved in Gospel music for about fifteen years.  Garry has developed his own style of Gospel music over the years due to many musical influences that impacted his life.  Garry grew up listening to Ernest Monias along with his brother Dwayne Settee when they formed with the Shadows.  His inspirations were the old bands like CCR, Nazareth, And The Eagles & Springsteen.  Garry has made a commitment to his Christian Faith.  For many years, Garry artistic ability was building up insides just waiting for the opportunity for it to be released.  You will hear his energy and enthusiasm for music come out in each song on this first project with Sunshine Records.

1.  Speak To The Sky
2.  I Saw The Light 
3.  Lead Me The Way 
4.  Mercy Seat 
5.  Through The Flame 
6.  Forever Young 
7.  If You Ain’t 
8.  Out Of This World 
9.  People Get Ready
10.  Completely Taken In.