Metis Gospel Music - The Why Knotts
CRCD 6032

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1. I’ll fly away
2. Just a closer walk
3. Hallelujah in my heart
4. Family bible
5. Far side banks of Jordan
6. Farther along
7. Calling you
8. Put you hand in the hand
9. What a friend we have in Jesus
10. It is no secret
11. This old house
12. The old account
13. One day at a time
14. I saw the light
15. Amazing grace
The why knott band is a family group of musicians and singers that have combined there talents for you listening pleasure. The why Knott’s YES! You probably guessed it they are the “Knott Family” three sisters, two brothers and family members. They have chosen the “best known traditional gospel” selections that will bring back many memories with songs such as “what a friend we have in Jesus” and “I saw the light”.
Come along for an old fashion gospel sing along with the “Why Knott family band”