Spirit Of The Nations
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Since the beginning of time thunder has rolled over North America’s vast plains and water has flowed across its rocks, surging and ebbing with the seasons. The land became a sounding board for the spirit of the earth, echoing its heartbeat.
The people native to this vast continent learned the land’s rhythms, and with chant and drumbeat they paid tribute to it and its creator. From these people came North America’s First Nations. From these nations the chant and the drumbeat continue to ring out in tribute to the sacred spirit of this magical land.
2. Sacred Grounds
3. Sundance & The Rainmaker
4. Medicine Man
5. Spiritual Dance
6. Voices in the Wind
7. Tribal Spirits
8. Grandfather
9. Dance of the Youth
10. Spirits of the Pueblo
11. Enchanted Mesa
Instrumentation: Ray Stevenson - Hand Drum, Randy Heibert & James Creasey - Guitar